Opening our imagination to possibilities

Our imagination is awesome.

Through it we can shape and explore possibilities that don’t yet exist.

We can feast on wonder and delight in curiosity without limits.

Yes, facts are important but they don’t lead us there.

Possibilities are always more interesting than facts. We shouldn’t frown on facts, but our world is congested with them. Facts are retarded possibilities, they are possibilities that have already been actualised. But for every fact that becomes a fact, there are seven, eight, maybe five hundred possibilities hanging around in the background that didn’t make it in to the place where they could be elected and realised as the actual fact. It is very interesting to look at what you consider real and to think that it is always peopled by a background presence of unrealised possibilities.

From Walking on the Pastures of Wonder – John O’Donohue in conversation with John Quinn

Isn’t that fascinating?

Possibilities don’t cost us anything, but they need our openness to play.

And who knows where that could take us.

Enjoy being more alive.

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This week

What a week, like no other in so many ways. And I sense that now is the time to be open to new possibilities, like never before.