Be more alpaca

Yes, we’ve heard of ‘be more pirate’, and some of us have encountered ‘be more camel’.
But what about being more alpaca?

On a day when the final outcome of collective decisions that will affect the whole world is probably not yet clear, I thought a light-hearted invitation to be more alpaca might be rather attractive.

After all, alpacas are:

  • Calm–they rarely rush around, and their gentle disposition soothes those in their vicinity
  • Graceful–they are such beautiful creatures you can’t help but smile when you see them
  • Distinctive–don’t be fooled by their cute appearance, they have colourful individual personalities
  • Shrewd–they weigh up the situation and carefully consider the options
  • Hardy–they’re adaptable and cope well with the cold, though Welsh damp sometimes goes too far
  • Inquisitive–they’re curious and interested in what’s going on around them, nothing gets past them
  • Inclusive–how they look out for each other, especially for the youngsters, is heartwarming

We have had our alpacas here in the valley for over 12 years. We’ve learned a vast amount in caring for these beautiful creatures, and in return, they have enriched our lives hugely.

If you’d like more regular doses of ‘alpaca love’, then tune in to Steve’s weekly Alpaca Tribe podcast. He’s a great storyteller.


Notes: Be More Pirate, by Sam Conniff, and Alex Lazarow talks about ‘be more camel’ in Out-Innovate. I wrote this post on Tuesday 3rd November…