The valley is windswept and subdued this morning.

And the overnight squall of rain and the still heavy skies create a damp atmosphere.

The two Canada Goose families obviously felt safe in the alpaca paddock and moved their little broods as I walked along the path…

I wonder if they have names?

Each pair know their offspring and chivvy them along protectively.

Certainly our alpacas know who is who, and who belongs to whom in their own group.

And the herd of cows along the valley with their calves, clearly paired. Even when a little nursery forms with the oversight of one of the cows.

How important is our name?

Do we need to own more fully who we call ourselves?

Hello, I’m Sue Heatherington and I am a quietly disruptive writer, thinking partner and creative host.

… photo is an older one of young alpacas on file as our broadband is still down…