Mindful crafters of worlds

Words form worlds,
Have power
To shape the contours
Of a hidden landscape,
Our deepest selves,
Moulding the malleable clay
Of young hearts.

Cruel tongues poison
To savage effect, 
Crush and contort 
Rightful flourishing,
Wound, warp and limit imagination.

Generous voices nourish
Embolden, humanise,
Liberate, pause to listen,
Lift head and heart,
Encourage seeing,

May we be mindful crafters of words,
Judicious creators,
Joyful truth tellers, 
Delighted by love,
The ground of being.
Let it be so.   

Chris Matthews, August 2019

I am grateful to Chris for sending me his profound and evocative poem, which he drafted several years ago.

It echoes the theme of Our words create reality, which we were exploring recently and provides a worthy resting place for this weekend reflection.

May we become mindful crafters of words and worlds.


This week

I continue to be humbled by those who have read Quiet Disruptors: Creating Change Without Shouting and have let me know how much it has impacted them. I am so grateful that these words are bearing fruit.

If you have a copy of the book and your work involves leading or growing people, let me know, and I will send you my new eBook Being Seen and Heard: Quiet Disruptor Notes for People Professionals. These are companion notes to the main book exploring how you might support quiet disruptors in your orbit.