Making connections

At this time of the year in the valley, the birds that sing don’t have difficulty making connections.

The song of the blackbird is heard by blackbirds and the distinctive notes of the wren or blue tit connect across the trees. They know what they’re listening for. And it’s a beautiful natural symphony.

Even the sheep in the neighbouring fields know when to call their lambs. It’s extraordinary the way that each offspring and mother tunes into their own shared voice. Even in a noisy flock. They all sound the like sheep to me…

Not so with us as humans.

It’s harder to make connections because we don’t all speak and listen in the same way. We come from different places, plus we’re not very good at heart language. And we can get it wrong.

In the amplified environment we live in today making good connections has to overcome a lot of noise and fear. It requires bravery.

But it’s worth it because we are wonderfully complex beings with huge potential, particularly when we’re together. It just takes more time, generosity and trust.

Let’s make beautiful connections and change the conversation.