Last year’s fruit is this year’s seed

Nothing is wasted. At least it needn’t be.

Therefore, I am heartened by the emerging shift in language from sustainability to regeneration.

There is a healthy debate about why the words we use are important because they frame how we see the world around us, including our reciprocal relationships.

Here’s the thing: sustainability can have a static frame. Keeping things as they are.

But if we do this, then fractures remain. And those who have, continue to have – resources, health, power, voice – while those who have none are asked to be satisfied with their lot.

Better is to embrace a dynamic flow of giving back more than we take out.

This is the beautiful rhythm I see at work here in the valley. The cycle of the seasons in their astonishing interdependent simplicity, which of course is not simple at all!

It is evident in our lives too.

I wonder, what are you continuing to harvest from this last year as seed for today?

Or have you thrown it all away?

Just wondering.

Cheering you on from a little valley in South West Wales.


This week

This week’s musings have been about emergence, including our role in being present and noticing what is required of us.