I’m grateful for green!

Don’t laugh. It’s true, I am so grateful for green. And no, this isn’t a political comment, though it could be…

I live in a green valley and every day I’m thankful for the privilege of being here.

Our world and it’s fragile balance relies on the life-giving properties of our green environment. And so do we. Not just for the nourishment of body, but mind and soul too.

For five years I lived in a house where you couldn’t see a single tree. It was barren. I shrank.

Yet I wonder how much we starve our creativity, our beyond-the-boundary problem-solving juices and our creative leadership enclosed in the concrete walls of our workplaces?

Each week our artist friend Alastair Duncan of StillWalks posts a beautifully crafted photo-soundscape. Today he captures the green light in his walk in the Scottish woodlands on the edge of Gatehouse of Fleet.

It’s a few minutes of immersion in green. I’m sure it will restore your soul and lift your creativity.

And give you the cue to go…