Growing hope…

I’m curious – how healthy is your hope?

Why am I am asking? Because I really wasn’t expecting to have an extended exploration on the matter this week.

However, as I looked into the box each day, I realised that my hope had taken a battering. It was pretty fragile.

I could pretend it was okay and apply the sticking plasters. But I realised just how important it was to be honest with myself.

And I suspect I am not alone…

There are many reasons why this might be. And each of us will have our own story. But perhaps the reality is that currently, hope is under threat.

So what can we do to grow hope again?

Growing hope through gratitude

Intentional thanks and appreciation shifts our perspective.

It re-builds our confidence and reminds us of where we are. In reality.

And even if it’s only being able to name the small things. It makes a difference.

What are you grateful for?

Where and how might you express this?

Growing hope through generosity

Over the last few months, I’ve been privileged to be part of several wonderful online communities. Seth Godin’s Bootstrappers Workshop and Bernadette Jiwa’s the Right Company.

In both cases, generosity of engagement and contribution within the community is central to the means of learning and growth. This is relational development and the experience of being seen and heard unlocks hope within us profoundly.

We also know the reality of this level of mutual care in action being part of the Linden Church family here in Swansea. And within our wider circle of friends and family whose sensitivity and generosity has lifted our spirits when we really needed it.

Hope in action. Growing hope. Every time.

I wonder what has been your experience of the generosity of others? What did it do for you and what was the fruit?

And who might you enrich through your generosity?

Remembering that this isn’t about money – it’s far more precious than that!

Growing hope through community

Ultimately, who we surround ourselves with makes the biggest difference to our hope.

Clearly there are some areas where we don’t have a choice. But even there we can recognise the drain and consider ways to limit or counterbalance a negative impact.

The reality is that if we want to make a difference, if we want to be changemakers, then we need to be in a community that cultivates hope.

What do you need to pay attention to, and potentially change, for you to flourish as a hope bringer?

We only have one life. Let’s use it well and recognise the privilege of growing hope around us.

I suspect that this is pretty important just now…

Thanks for reading


This week

Each day has been a precious gift. A means of growing hope.