Finding moments of joy

Even if we’re not at the sharp end, these times are tiring. That’s the reality of the strange and unpredictable space we currently occupy.

So where’s the joy?

It’s unlikely to be found in the big occasions because everything is muted and scaled-down. And it probably isn’t in breakthroughs. Because the knotted tautness that connects the elements of our lives, and our world, doesn’t have much give. Yet.

I wonder if it’s rather about our being open to moments of joy finding us.

Noticing the small things and letting them touch our heart. The childlikeness of a child, or the antics of an animal. Being fed by beauty and restored by laughter. Or encountering tenderness in a glance and love in action.

Just noticing when our inner smile breaks out and giving it space to breathe, rather than brushing it away.

Letting these small moments soften us so we can be joy carriers, wherever we are.

I wonder, what has made your heart sing recently?

This week

I have been conscious of letting the glorious On Being conversation between Prof Drew Lanham and Krista Tippett infuse my week. If you haven’t listened to it yet, it offers moments of joy.