Destination or direction?

One of the questions in the Adobe Create Creative Types quiz – see Monday’s post – asks for your preference when completing the sentence:

“When travelling, you always need a destination OR direction?”

Isn’t that an interesting question? Had you even thought about it before?

It’s actually quite a profound insight because it gives a clue as to how we individually find our path. There’s no right answer, just self-discovery. And with self-awareness comes choices.

Sometimes we just have to step out and follow the compass. If we wait until we know exactly where we are going, we’ll never move. We’re stuck and we’ll miss the joy of the journey.

Conversely, there are times when we need to be crystal clear where we’re headed because the imperative for getting there, on time, is crucial. We can all think of examples, both hilarious and awful when that didn’t happen!

But generally, our preference fits us well and makes us who we are. There’s no point in trying to be someone else.

Go find your path.