Come! Opportunity abounds

As I look around and inside, I realise that we desperately need a shift in mindset.

No, not the if-you-can-say-it-loud-and-long-enough-it-will-happen kind.

But the transformation in how we perceive the world and the difference we can make. Person by person. Step by step.

Yesterday during First Fridays at The Waterside we talked about the news and media, and how it’s overwhelmingly negative. That sometimes it’s just easier to switch off (or never turn it on).

Given my previous roles as a chief exec in healthcare, I understand first hand what sells newspapers!

Retreating to the edge and building a little enclave may be necessary on occasions. For our own mental health at least. But it’s not the way we are going to make a difference.

Instead, we talked about fostering hope and sharing good news. Without trying to save the whole world…

Small steps in becoming the change we want to see.

Internal reserves

We also implicitly recognised that this is not a solo venture. Interestingly the phrase ‘friends at the edge’ has struck a chord with a number of people.

Our capacity for making and sustaining a shift in our mindset does depend on who we keep company with.

And the language we use.

Not the vocabulary of compliance or agreement at all costs. But the breadth of language that enables us to explore and honour difference.

This leads us into the arena of rich reality. Not monochrome fantasy.

The phrase ‘Opportunity abounds’ is from Bernadette Jiwa’s post on Friday The Bounds of Possibility.

Now that we are no longer bound by the constraints of probability, we must face the fact that we have a responsibility to own what’s possible. Opportunity abounds. And that’s both a scary and empowering thought.

The onus to create the future we want to see for ourselves and others is on us. We get to own the story we want to live and tell.

Bernadette’s whole post is well worth a read…

Come alive

So this does start with an internal shift.

One that is expressed in the language of radical creativity – as in James Victore’s ‘Feck Perfuction: Dangerous ideas on the Business of Life’.

And also in the poetry of invitation, expressed beautifully by our friend Chris Matthews in the Presence Project: Print Volume One: Shapes.


R   e   m   a   i   n

In this  m  o  m  e  n  t


A doorway

of possibility

And newness.









the delicate fragrance

Of hope carried on the breath

Of invitation.


Recognise the immobilising inertia

Of cynicism

And turn towards the call.


Know the thieving presence of fear

For what it is,

And walk on.


Feel the irresistible urge to follow

An untrodden pathway

Beyond predictability.


Hear the compelling words of welcome,

Generously whispered:



You can also hear Chris reading his poem on the new Presence Podcast Episode 1: Come

Thanks to Bernadette, James, Chris and the lovely folk who turn up for First Fridays @ The Waterside. And to you for reading


This week

A sense of momentum has been building during the week. Not that I was clear where it was going, but just that I had to be prepared to respond. Pushing the boundaries.