Clearing the waterways

You won’t be surprised by my fascination with water. After all, I live in a water-filled, spring sprung valley.

However, it’s worth paying attention to water as it’s a good teacher.

In particular, noticing how it moves.

Without a lot of drama – usually – water moves along the easiest route. Gravity is its compass, and wherever it finds an opportunity to move downwards, it takes it.

It doesn’t spend a lot of time contemplating its next step. Instead, it meets an opportunity with flow.

Walking around the valley, there are often opportunities to help this movement. Clearing the watergate. Creating an exit from a puddle by heeling out sticks and stones.

And the result is always satisfying.

It reminds me to clear those messy obstacles that obscure the next thing to do, naturally.

Because maybe now is the time for movement, and I want to respond.