Choosing a gentler way

Coming to the end of 2018 I wonder whether there are choices that each one of us will need to make…

Choices about how we are going to show up.

Choices about who we believe.

Choices about what we trust.

None of these are simple choices and there are no textbooks we can reach for with the right answers.

However, we can select our compass and walk with radical intent. Choosing a gentler way.

Laying aside those things that no longer help us on our journey. Giving away seeds that have the potential to harvest a hundred-fold. Choosing beauty. Every time.

“To see a world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour” – William Blake

‘Beauty is often more easily seen when we change how we are looking… letting go of the lenses which we have picked up and now choose to view the world through. Children more easily recognise beauty in the every day.’ (Thanks for this lovely reflection, Tracy)

So is our becoming as much a returning? Discovering the voice we had before someone told us who we should be? Trusting that the journey is about joining the flow and having the courage to navigate the rapids, rather than forcing a path through granite with a pick-axe?

And choosing a gentler way, with kindness, generosity and grace. Creating a generous space to change our world for the better.

Choose well and thanks for reading.


This week

As well as writing daily posts for Quiet Disruptors, I also published a personal reflection on SueWaterside: On kindness 

Next week

After the weekend I am shifting into pause mode until the New Year. I suspect we all have more than enough to digest over the coming days and therefore I will simply post daily pause points, with pictures from The Waterside accompanied by simple words… space to reflect on who we are becoming and prepare for the next season in our lives.

Nadolig bendithion – Christmas blessings