Bread lessons…

Sourdough bread is simply amazing. Its taste and texture are distinctively different from standard, fast proven loaves.

It’s also amazing in that its active ingredients are essentially from wild yeast and bacteria in the atmosphere, working with just flour and water. Almost magic.

But it takes time, allowing the natural yeast to infuse the dough at its own pace. Rest. It takes what it takes, depending on the environment.

You can’t rush sourdough. No amount of cajoling, comparing it with other breads, or shouting at it will make the slightest difference. And simply turning up the heat will just kill it off, eventually.

The baker has to pay attention to it. Learn how it flourishes and feed it regularly. Give it space to do its stuff.

And the difference between standard Chorleywood method bread and sourdough? It’s like chalk and cheese. Really.

The thing is: you are not a machine and this is no longer the industrial age.