Being part of a story

Yesterday, we had some of the volunteers from Matt’s Cafe up in the valley.

They are an eclectic bunch of amazing people. Each so very different and each with a story to tell of why they came.

Matthew’s House provides hospitality and hope in the heart of Swansea for homeless and vulnerable people. Yet it’s not only clients who find their space there.

And here’s the thing. Whilst each person’s journey told a very different story, collectively they made a new one.

Yesterday we were privileged to be part of it. For some of them it was providing soul space. Others just loved being near the alpacas and out in nature. For some, the piles of home-made cake and Coaltown Coffee made their day.

Each took away something from being here. And each left a practical impression, including harvesting ripe blackberries for cooking at Matt’s Cafe tomorrow.

But more than all their doings – for which we were really grateful – they left the sense of their presence. Their individual personhood, the sound of their voice, what brought them alive and their unique story of how they found their way here.

And we continue to be enriched by being part of it.

Whose story are you are part of?

PS Today is First Friday… and we are offering open space at The Waterside between 11am-4pm as usual.