Why are we afraid of thinking?

Do think

Why are we afraid of thinking?

Is it answers we might not like,
or opening chasms that draw us in
deeper than we want to go?

We fear not being very good,
not being able to get it right.
As if there’s a correct answer to every question
or a way of thinking that shows the quality of our grey matter
or not.
And we feel exposed,
open to judgement or ridicule.

Sometimes it’s because it’s not ‘cool’.
Just do it.
Those who pause are lost, or at least left behind.

But thinking with courage is what stops us
from taking easy, short-term decisions that have
unintended consequences.
It’s what enables us to act
with intentional kindness
rather than being swept along
in a river of disinterest or neglect.

It unlocks doors,
opens windows
and helps us see the world and ourselves
in clearer light.

And means we can create something
that lasts well and bears fruit.

Do think.


… rediscovered in a pile of papers and thought it was an appropriate time for an airing.