What kind of lens?

Our friend, the artist Ruth Dent has been spending a few days with us here in the valley. The weather has been glorious and the light amazing for February in Wales.

Last night we used the big screen to view photographs she had taken during the day.

They were stunning.

Places in the woods, brooks and lakeside we know so well. But seen through different eyes (and a great camera and telephoto lens). They were truly works of art in their own right.

Capturing mass bubbles in the brook like ephemeral, crystal frogspawn. Streaks of reflected sunlight like neon wands, in the chaotic movement of the stream. And shapeshifting shadows of water ripples on the stones beneath.

Tall chestnut brown bulrush heads peeling off in the sunshine and discarding their fluffy seeds to the lake, like bread on the water for the ducks. Light dancing through slender, bare tree trunks and veils of liquid silver over the water steps. And more and more, intoxicating in their beauty…

We all see through lenses. Some are our own, others are offered to us. And often we look unconsciously, unintentionally, not recognising that the lens we are using affects what we observe.

I wonder, what kind of lens do you need just now?

Tomorrow is St David’s Day here in Wales. It’s also the first Friday of the month. So our lunchtime First Fridays @ The Waterside conversation will take the theme of seeing our world through the eyes of whichever ‘David’ you choose… You are very welcome to join us or give yourself some quiet space where you are.