The Infinite Game

Months ago I heard an interview with Simon Sinek – the Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last guy. I find him inspiring and challenging. Not in an aggressive in-your-face way, but he just digs deeper. Much deeper…

Anyway, I was intrigued by his forthcoming book The Infinite Game and what he said at the time sparked my interest. Even though it’s not due for publication until October.

Yesterday I was musing on the bigger context of our work and knew that somehow there was a way to frame the promises I wanted to make. I was struggling to grasp it, though I did spend a glorious half-hour sat on a log by the brook in dappled sunlight. Worth it in itself!

And perhaps that’s the point. How we understand why we want to do what we do can’t be easily framed by the everyday narrative around us. It takes more, including sitting with the intangible until it forms.

So I went in search of other places where Simon talks about his emerging thinking. And found this wonderful 1.5-hour video, which is a feast in itself: The Infinite Game: How to Lead in the 21st Century.

And no, I haven’t cracked my promise, yet. But I know that I am part of an infinite game.

How about you?