The gift of unlearning

A while ago, a friend suggested that the gift of unlearning would be beneficial.

‘… when you manage to loosen or loose a previously strongly held belief about yourself or a truth.’

What comes to mind is shaped by how we think. And how we think is channelled by our neural pathways.

Triggers and stimuli instinctively take us in a particular direction that we have created over time.

And just trying to stop, perversely makes it even more challenging because we’re more conscious and aware of the thought stream.

So what’s the gift?

Our amazing neuroplasticity means that we can effectively grow new neural pathways – ways of thinking – that become more dominant. Eventually, our old way just becomes an overgrown route, fading into obscurity.

How do we receive this gift?

By cultivating tiny new thought habits that grow healthier thought patterns, rerouting our brain.

One step at a time – with generosity and compassion.