Pausing with a beautiful question

Earlier this week, I stumbled across a delightful podcast: Crazy Good Turns, hosted by Frank Blake and Brad Shaw (Former CEO and VP of Home Depot).

Their guest was the poet, author and philosopher David Whyte, and the episode experimented with thoughtful questions from listeners who had read David’s book Consolations.

David explored a favourite topic – beautiful questions – in the middle of a rich, humous and honest story-filled conversation.

He invited us to sit with a profound question from the poet David Ignatow:

I wish I knew the beauty
in leaves falling. To whom
are we beautiful
as we go?

+ David Ignatow, excerpt from ‘Three in Transition’ in ‘Against the Evidence: selected poems’

How might this shape our lives and our conversations?

~ Crazy Good Turns podcast: ‘David Whyte’s Keys to Learning Generosity, Leadership and Presence.’