Pause and…

When we pause, something happens… Always.

Occasionally, ‘stuff’ catches up with us. Maybe a sadness or worry that we’ve been avoiding. But it’s there, just waiting for an opportunity to surface again. Because it needs to and we’re hiding.

However, most of the time pausing gives space for a smile.

We stop to notice – a person, a child’s response, something beautiful in our environment – and seeing it brings a smile to our face.

Or we give space for a thought to surface and hold our attention, now that we’ve temporarily stopped racing around. And we smile, from the inside out.

The Do Book Co are publishing Robert Poynton’s new book Do Pause shortly. Here is an enticing excerpt in Medium: You are not a to do list

In anticipation I am offering a variation on Brian Draper’s practice, noted in yesterday’s post:

“Pause. Breathe. Smile”

Go well and take a greater wholeness with you.