Our ‘DNA-ness’

No, you’ve probably not heard of this either…

It was how a Welsh-speaking friend summed up what she was seeing when a lovely group gathered here last night to support us in the development of our work and life in our valley in South West Wales.

Friends are amazing. And those who come with sight from a different angle are really special. Like translating from a different first language, as a non-scientist!

Anyway, Meri’s insight was connecting what makes us unique to the essence of the valley. What makes here special – its history and its role in the health and well-being of the region and beyond.

Whilst Steve and I are only here for a season (in the grand scheme of things) being in this place also brings our DNA to life. For purpose.

We are part of something far bigger and the importance is to find the core.

I knew our situation may seem far distance from where you are, but the parallels are there.

Your ‘DNA-ness’ is given expression in where you are. Uncovering your voice and hearing it more fully is also dependent on the environment you are in.

My take-away:

To become the change you want to see – find your friends, uncover your voice and find a good space where you can flourish.

PS. The guest post from Maria Gottschalk in Gapingvoid this morning is also helpful. She offers seven signs that may be where you are is not a good fit. And offers suggestions as to what you can do about it.