Light and sight

Last night as I was driving home from the station it was completely dark. I know our lane and it’s contours really well, but I had no chance of seeing the work that Steve and our friend Roger had done in clearing part of the hillside while I was away. I had to wait until this morning.

Seeing depends on light. We might sense that something is there, but until there is light in the darkness we can’t really see it.

Sometimes this means recognising the time of day or the season, knowing that light will come. And being patient.

Or going to a place where there is light already. Getting ourselves in a position to see.

Perhaps it’s taking particular notice when something is illuminated for us in our usual field of vision. Sometimes unexpected, it draws our attention and gives us the gift of seeing more profoundly or more clearly. Seeing the dots.

Other times it means being alert to the light itself. Paying attention to where it falls and noticing what it brings to life.

The issue is we that can’t really see anything, even though we know it’s there, unless there is light.

Otherwise, we only see dark, and probably ugly shapes…

What is the light illuminating for you?