Hope on the water

Water is amazing.

Here in Wales, it’s all around us. And we so often take it for granted, not noticing its very presence in our lives.

Without water, we are nothing. Literally. And when it stops flowing we are in trouble.

We can also be overwhelmed and vulnerable. Water is powerful and uncontrollable.

Such is life.

Hope on the water

Earlier this week a lovely, poet friend of ours wrote a poem for us. It captured so much of our current experience and offered hope.

Suspecting that this is not just for us – I wanted to share it.

In the boat

We left the harbour long ago
path mapped out with calmness
from security, into the vast unknown.
But in open seas we are tossed
by relentless storms with pounding waves
and exhausted, we long for stillness.

We dream of dropping anchor
but inertia could tip the balance
drag us, drowning, under
So we keep on moving
patch the sails and plough on through
alone in the endless fog.

In the eye of the storm,
silence dares us to pause
and take note, we are surrounded.
Here we stand and face the storm
supported by a mesh of rigging
formed from a host of interlinking hands.

We stand together in the boat
holding tight to woven cords of truth
strong enough to take the strain.
Hope echoing through history;
above the earthquake, thunder, rushing wind,
comes the gentle whisper.

He stands here with us,
commanding the wind and waves,
beckoning us on;
Be still.
Step out in faith.
The Lord is here.

Tracy Ingham, June 2019 In the boat in Finally shall come the poet…

I hope you were able to see your own reflection in this…

Thanks for reading


This week

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this – but yet again it is an emerging exploration leading to today’s reflection