Holding on

You know what it’s like when you’ve got so many things in your hands. And then something else comes along…

Like Sorrel, our lovely Welsh Springer Spaniel, who must have something in her mouth if someone comes through the door. It’s not that she wants you to take it from her. It’s just her thing.

It’s helpful in that it stops her barking – she’s piercingly loud – but she can’t have anything else until she’s dropped the rag.

Or the toddler, with their arms full of toys. Holding on tight. But they now want what you’ve got too… It’s not an easy choice.

This isn’t about more and more – building muscles to cope with everything, plus one – but what will it take for us to respond to what’s starting to stir? That we probably won’t even notice if we hold on tight to everything we’ve currently got in our hands.

What’s stirring for you? Can you hear it?