Finding courage to stay in the open

Partway through the week, I found the word to describe what I was sensing.


Like when everything you touch feels like sandpaper, coarse and uncomfortable.

A painful edge that you can’t define enough to do anything about.

It was in the air, both here and around the world.

I sensed it for others and the dark situations they were facing.

And I felt it for myself.

My inclination was to do something to make it better. I wanted to offer balm or at least gauze to cover it over.

Yet even trying to write a blessing for times of rawness felt too flippant and sugar-coated.

Instead, there are days when we just need to be there. In the mess, not trying to sort it out or take sides. Or look away.

Just to be. With kindness.

Alongside those who are hurting and messed up. In the reality of the situation and the preciousness of grief.

Knowing that eventually, this too shall pass.

And there will be a new day.

This week