Facing the gap

When we’re moving forward, we often face a gap of some kind. Resources, confidence, capacity, relationships, knowing… And each of these comes with fear attached.

It would be easier to simply imagine ourselves beyond ‘here’. Or to find comfort in distractions, which however worthy are still distractions.

So what do we do?

We face our gap and make a better choice.

For some of us, that means gathering our courage and leaping across. Because we can see clearly enough what’s on the other side and we just need to do it.

For others that means stepping into the gap. Being prepared to be in the uncertainty and mess because that helps us move on. We can see more from there than we can from here. And there’s no other way around.

And for some, that means standing on the edge and really facing the void. Not as a masochistic exercise in cultivating fear, but to be quiet enough to notice the stepping stones that can’t be seen with the eye. Or to discern that this is a safety barrier and the other side isn’t our destination after all.

What kind of gap are you facing?

And what are you going to do about it?