Cultivating our capacity for exploration

Yesterday, in my post On exploring our unique resonance, I may have been a little too cryptic…

The resonant note in the tunnel was the B below middle C.

Yes, it was B, and I chuckled at the joke…

To be requires yielding to a stillness deep inside.

It’s the resting place before the doing space.

And if we fail to remember that it all starts here, then anything we do or achieve will be ‘fuelled by sugar’* – a fast-burning, addictive carbohydrate!

Yet, if we can respond to the call to become more grounded in our being, we also enlarge our capacity for exploration through our other senses.

Later in the day

On a second amble around this beautiful little valley, I was pondering the shape of our work going forward.

In following the usual route back to the farmhouse, I sensed that I hadn’t finished. My thinking process had locked onto a practical track because I only had a few minutes left before engaging in household and family stuff.

However, like memory foam, remembering what hearing in my body felt like caused me to be more alert to a tug in a different direction.

I haven’t finished with you yet…

So I turned around and wandered high up the hill on the other side of the valley.

I knew I needed a different view and more space to allow what was growing inside to emerge.

And it was worth it.

By the time I returned, my thinking had shifted and come to a place of wonder and excitement. And real rest.

How often do we silence the nudges from elsewhere in our body and soul?

And in shutting them down, how much do we limit the flow of our lives?

Because this living flow is core to being fully human, awake and alive with a natural capacity for exploration.

* I’ve picked up this powerfully descriptive phrase of being ‘fuelled by sugar’ from David Hieatt in his MoJo Rising workshop. Good words make you think!