Being open to noticing what we don’t see

What do you see?

When you look at the photograph I took this morning in the slightly dismal autumn light, what do you see?

You may have particularly noticed the tree in the foreground.

And see that its base is in line with the ground. This is how far the alpacas can reach up to nibble the leaves.

Your eye may have alighted on the delicate tracery of branches of the bare silver birch against the sky.

Or the field beyond with its striking angle. Does it stir your curiosity to know what’s there nestled between the woods?

Some of you may have first looked at the sky and its subtle array of colours and textures. There is nothing bland about Welsh skies!

Or you might see the composition of the whole picture, the juxtaposition of the visual angles and the sense of where this is. Perhaps what it stirs in your memory.

And here’s the thing, we can’t pay attention to all of these dimensions all of the time. It’s a physical impossibility – try it!

But instead, we can recognise that what we encounter will have multiple layers, not just the first thing that catches our attention.

Being open to noticing what we don’t see.