Appreciation – a gift to be shared generously

When was the last time we revelled in appreciation?

Not just a cursory ‘thanks’ or a ‘like’, but a celebration of gratitude, naming what we appreciate in generous language.

And not only for people.

What about the elements of our daily life? Our food, what we wear, and aspects of life make us comfortable.

Who has contributed to making this experience possible for us?

We are hardwired for connection. Considering who and what we appreciate and then expressing it is evidence of our aliveness.

Let’s feed our well-being and gift it to others.

~ My appreciation again for the generous and insightful conversation between Krista Tippett, Vivek Murthy and Richard Davidson for On Being: The Future of Well-Being.

~ And my second appreciation is for the work of our artist friend, Alastair Duncan, who generously lent us his tapestry weaving ‘DNA 1-4’ on semi-permanent loan. It has been hanging in the Long Room at The Waterside for several years – much to our delight and that of our visitors. We are even more thrilled that it has recently been sold for display in a new clinical setting in Denver, USA.