gift of today

The gift of today

Sandwiched between yesterday’s unmet demands and the expectations of tomorrow, today can feel like a very narrow place. But it doesn’t have to be. We can fling wide the gates and encounter the possibilities of now. We can breathe deeply and notice what’s really going on. Because yesterday’s lists have a tendency to melt revealing …

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dignity of names

The dignity of names

What we call ourselves and each other is really rather important. We can confer dignity and identity or we can denigrate (particularly if we use the ‘us and them’ kind of language). So how we choose to name ourselves makes a difference. And just how much of our inner world we reveal is a huge …

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fresh eyes

Fresh Eyes

‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in finding new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes.’ What a brilliant insight, derived from the writings of Marcel Proust. When did you last see something familiar in a very different light? An intractable problem or a pressing need maybe? Or even a great opportunity that you …

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being present

Being present

What does the phrase ‘being present’ mean to you? A transcendental plane where you observe life at a slight distance? Stillness in the midst of noise and rush? Attention to what’s going on, listening… Each day we have the opportunity to bring our interior world to the service of here and now. The riches we …

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