Discovering dialogue

16 Apr 2019
discovering dialogue

Where do you go to have the conversations you need? My suspicion is that for most people, this is an alien concept. They might not even recognise the question. In our information-saturated world, we’ve become passive. Expecting to either find what we want super easily or be spoon fed. Leaving the responsibility to someone else. […]

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Generative conversations

15 Apr 2019
Generative conversations

Something amazing happens when two very different people engage in dialogue with mutual respect and curiosity. It has the potential to spark a unique conversation that grows something completely different. The correspondence between Carl Jung, the eminent Swiss psychologist, and Wolfgang Pauli, the Swiss-Austrian Nobel prize winning theoretical physicist, illustrates this profoundly. Their thoughtful exchange […]

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13 Apr 2019

It takes courage to stand back and reflect. We have to choose to go there. But reflections offer quiet disruption and give us hope in the unknowing.

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Seeing connections

12 Apr 2019
seeing connections

Yesterday morning our breakfast conversation was about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. And no, this isn’t our usual discussion over porridge! However, we were thinking about the phrase ‘swerving to rot’ and realised it perhaps had a scientific underpinning. The thing about the Second Law of Thermodynamics is that in a closed system things have […]

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Doing the next right thing…

11 Apr 2019
Doing the next right thing

Solvitur Ambulando. It’s a Latin phrase coined by Augustine of Hippo to suggest ‘It is solved by walking.’ I fell in love with it years ago as we started to explore what living here in our Welsh valley had to teach us. ‘Doing the next right thing’ borrows from AA and is beautifully captured in […]

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Making connections

10 Apr 2019
make connections

At this time of the year in the valley, the birds that sing don’t have difficulty making connections. The song of the blackbird is heard by blackbirds and the distinctive notes of the wren or blue tit connect across the trees. They know what they’re listening for. And it’s a beautiful natural symphony. Even the […]

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