Digging deeper – for joy

12 Oct 2019

There are times when we need to just keep on digging deeper. With hope. And find the joy seeds deep down in our soul. This is where we find ourselves.

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Connecting threads

11 Oct 2019

A single thread doesn’t do much on its own. It can’t create a coat to shield from the weather. Or make the rug beneath our feet. We need to connect the threads of our lives, weaving them together. Creating more than the sum of their parts. And we can’t do that on our own. We […]

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10 Oct 2019

What is the emotional energy of our quiet disruption? Is it to create? Or destroy? Both will challenge the way things are. And often we need a mixture to move us forward. But what is our intent?  

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09 Oct 2019

Once upon a time, I was a dancer. Yes, it was a long time ago. But it included learning to pirouette. Basically, that’s turning around on the spot… without getting dizzy. So you have fluid movement, whilst remaining connected to the ground. It’s the same idea as pivoting. Sometimes the kind of waking up we’ve […]

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Choices are rarely binary

08 Oct 2019

Yet we treat them as if they are. Either it’s this or that. Choose. But rarely do we encounter such clear cut divisions in our complex world or organic lives. Big decisions are made up of a myriad of tiny little choices – many seemingly unconnected – made along the way. Plus a lot of […]

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Waking up

07 Oct 2019

After a weekend reflecting on waiting for ourselves to catch up… … I wondered whether Monday might be an invitation to wake up. Being open to an internal unlocking. The possibilities of coming alive from within. And that can only happen by coming home to ourselves. Therefore, I have borrowed again from John O’Donohue’s book […]

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