Owning our stories of struggle

07 Jun 2022

It takes courage to own our stories of struggle. Not making them into a melodrama, but recognising the truth that life isn’t always easy. And neither are we. These stories start with us looking in the mirror and choosing not to airbrush the imperfections. Nor making excuses, but instead choosing to love and be loved. […]

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Just showing up is a great strength

06 Jun 2022

Another start of the week. And another timely piece I heard for the first time yesterday. Many of us are learning new ways to walk in this emerging world because the old ways are failing. Where previously we might have expected larger than life characters delivering change in a blaze of glory, we now know […]

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Reflecting on the paths we create

04 Jun 2022

The paths we create are probably not the ones we thought we were making. We start out thinking of a direction and an endpoint. And on the way encounter beauty, ideas and people we hadn’t expected. Along with challenges, questions and a kind of reality that creeps up on you unawares. So we have a […]

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Being open to a different take on wholeness

03 Jun 2022

I love the way poetry can ask questions we wouldn’t know how to frame. And the way words plant seeds that sprout in unexpected places. Blooming in colours we weren’t anticipating. Yet I guess we need to be open to exploring these different dimensions of wholeness because it doesn’t come to order. Allison Joseph’s poem […]

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‘To be great, be whole…’

02 Jun 2022

Greatness isn’t measured in fame or likes. It shows up in the little things, what we leave in or take out. It’s who we are when the world isn’t looking. Walking with wise words from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa: To be great, be whole: don’t exaggerateOr leave out any part of you.Be complete in […]

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Names are important

01 Jun 2022

Owning who we are requires our accepting a name. This is the gift we wear that shapes our reflection and our voice. What name do you go by? Maybe it’s more important than you realise. ~ Spending time with our alpacas while shearing them reminds us why we gave them the names we did! This […]

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