What am I not hearing?

10 Jul 2019
what I am not hearing

What am I not hearing? Me…? You…? Our world…? OK. I might be hearing some things, but what kind of filters do I have in place? Aversion to discomfort or risk? Shutting out noise, but losing nuance? Only hearing what people think I want to hear – for whatever reason? Yes, we’d be completely overwhelmed […]

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Creating space to hear

09 Jul 2019
creating space to hear

If we’re honest, listening does not come easy. Most of us are too preoccupied with our own thoughts and feelings. Or have barriers in the way to really hear what is being said. It’s just that none of this is obvious and we want to believe that we’re (reasonably) good at connecting with others. So […]

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Really hearing your voice

08 Jul 2019
really hearing your voice

I was introduced to James Victore, designer and professional provocateur, by The Do Lectures, including appreciating his illustrations for The Do Books. Then I encountered him as a friend of Bernadette Jiwa when he joined one of the global gatherings with the Right Company earlier this year. I could hear him. But I couldn’t. I […]

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Enjoying your presence

06 Jul 2019
enjoying your presence

It’s often the most simple, most profound realisations that make the most difference. It starts with us, with blessing – enjoying your presence.

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Beyond words

05 Jul 2019
beyond words

Finding our voice is much more than the words we speak. Our very presence expresses who we are as thoughtful changemakers. How we listen says what we value. What we do, and how we do it, is as powerful as any words we utter. And our creativity and curiosity open new worlds and fresh solutions […]

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A new voice?

04 Jul 2019
a new voice

Sometimes in finding and using our voice, we need to recognise that it’s not more of the same. Even for us. A way of being, a means of making a difference may have served us well. But maybe it’s a new season. Perhaps it’s time to try out a variation, a different way of expressing […]

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