Beauty at the heart of it all

14 May 2022

This is where I start. No matter how much we’ve messed up – us, each other and the world around us – underneath it all is beauty. And it does matter what we hold as our basic tenet for life. Because it fundamentally shapes the direction we face, and that colours everything. This week two […]

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What we need is here

13 May 2022

What a wonderful invitation to quieten down, to stop and look. To see again what is before us and enter. Walking with Wendell Berry’s poem has shifted my perspective over the last few days. What we need is here. It’s not gone. It is within us and between us. And there is no need to […]

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On living an entangled life

12 May 2022

We may have an urge to tidy up. To sort things out or make them clearer. And sometimes, that is precisely what is required. Especially when we are threatened by overwhelm. Yet more often, we need the humility and courage to recognise that real life is gloriously complex. And that we need to live it […]

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A scattering of light seeds

11 May 2022

There’s a good reason why they talk about photography as ‘painting with light’ (John Hedgecoe). So I find myself wandering around the valley, waiting for the sun’s rays to catch whatever I am noticing. And when it does, the result is extraordinary, bringing beauty to life. Similarly, there are times when light seeds simply illuminate […]

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The question of the journey

10 May 2022

Is it to get away or to come close? To arrive, or to become along the way? What’s the purpose of our journey? It’s a question worth asking because it will determine how we walk. ~ cheering you on your way from a little valley in South West Wales

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Being up close

09 May 2022

What happens when we get this close? We can hear our heart beat and our soul speak. And it can be scary. But let’s do it anyway. Because our world needs more beauty.

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