The ground beneath our feet

10 Nov 2020

I had another ‘there is more than we realise’ moment while jogging down our leaf-strewn lane in the early morning light. The surface was slightly damp and slippery where the leaves were decomposing. Welsh rain and chilled nights were doing their thing on the vegetation. And because the lane only goes to our house, the […]

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There is more than we realise

09 Nov 2020

Standing quietly on the causeway, we were enjoying creating gentle ripples in the calm stocking pond at the end of the lake. And watching the effect on the water in the late afternoon light. How beautiful. Turning around and looking up the lake, we noticed another circle of ripples, without apparent cause, just ten meters […]

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Opening our imagination to possibilities

07 Nov 2020

Our imagination is awesome. Through it we can shape and explore possibilities that don’t yet exist. We can feast on wonder and delight in curiosity without limits. Yes, facts are important but they don’t lead us there. “Possibilities are always more interesting than facts. We shouldn’t frown on facts, but our world is congested with […]

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Releasing the possibility within you

06 Nov 2020

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. This challenge is from Howard Thurman, a leader in the Civil Rights Movement His contemplative approach to life influenced the course of the Civil Rights Movement profoundly. It […]

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The possibility of possibilities

05 Nov 2020

Imagination offers the possibility of possibilities. Wonder opens doors. ‘Imagination never pretends to know it all. It never demands or claims an absolute standpoint, but it always relishes and celebrates the fact it is on the threshold where it cannot see everything. The kind of knowing that is in imagination is knowing through exploration. It […]

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Be more alpaca

04 Nov 2020

Yes, we’ve heard of ‘be more pirate’, and some of us have encountered ‘be more camel’.But what about being more alpaca? On a day when the final outcome of collective decisions that will affect the whole world is probably not yet clear, I thought a light-hearted invitation to be more alpaca might be rather attractive. […]

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