Layers of listening

16 Mar 2020

Pausing in the clearing this morning and drinking in the clear blue sky overhead. If you are quiet enough, you can hear layers of sound all around. Birds flitting from tree to tree. The beat of wings and the rustle of landings. Subtly different tones of tweets (the natural kind), with echoes around the wood. […]

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Pause here…

14 Mar 2020

We are in extraordinary times. And we have a choice – to continue in the turmoil – or pause here. A view from the valley.

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Pondering strength

13 Mar 2020

Which is stronger: numbers or diversity? When you’re in the middle of a crowd, the numbers are all around you. You have mass. It feels safe and others are saying the same thing as you. You must be right… Unless you are the equivalent of a set of dominoes. If one goes down, you all […]

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Stop trying so hard…

12 Mar 2020

The thing about beginning is that it’s only the beginning… Our job is to be ready. To be open and to let go. Letting go of our preconceived ideas and our hold on being safe. Of believing that we can do it on our own if we try hard enough. This is the opportunity of […]

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11 Mar 2020

Start where you are… “… Beginning anything well involves a clearing away of the confusing, the cluttered and the complicated to find the beautiful, often hidden lineaments of the essential and the necessary. Beginning is difficult, and our insulating rituals and the virtuoso subtleties of our methods of delay are always a fine, ever-present measure […]

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10 Mar 2020

Stillness isn’t just absence. It’s knowing who you are in the noise. Seeing the others in the crowd. Listening to the gentle voice in the storm. Stillness is creating space.

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