Celebrating diversity

07 Nov 2019

We know that whilst monoculture feels safe and predictable, ultimately it is unsustainable. And unstable. Here’s the thing. If we root up all the hedgerows and cultivate huge fields of wheat it may be efficient and yield a lot in the short term. But we’ll require colossal external inputs if it’s going to produce abundant […]

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Where are you?

06 Nov 2019

In response to yesterday’s post about lone working or working alone, my artist friend Ruth scribed this delightful poem: Me, myself, I: Lone by choice, not alone; Always with, never without; Free to scream, dance and shout, And to reach for friends when the sun is hiding, Or the moon is out. Living and working […]

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Lone working?

05 Nov 2019

Perhaps there’s a difference between lone working and alone working… There are times when because of the nature of what we do, or who we are, that we need our space to produce our best work. For some aspects of creativity to flourish. But that is different from being alone. Where are you?  

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Your team

04 Nov 2019

So where is your team? Who are you grateful for? Those who are there for you when you need it. And when you don’t realise you do… But who are you rooting for? Giving them your best so that they can flourish? Just asking…  

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Our story

02 Nov 2019

More than ever we need to find our story – more than the sum of our individual stories – building something that will last.

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A new day

01 Nov 2019

It’s a new day. A new month. Nearly a new decade. We can be bothered by the passing of time. And we can falter at significant milestones. But what we are building doesn’t depend on the calendar or the weather. This is in our hands. It originates within us. Born of our response to what […]

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