Close proximity

03 May 2021

In the space between,when the intentionis to be here,not there, youare not alone.

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Not standing still

01 May 2021

In the stillness, but not standing still But heard, half-heard, in the stillnessBetween two waves of the sea. TS Eliot. Little Gidding, Four Quartets That space between the waves, when do you see it? When we’re out – on or watching the water as it moves – we tend to notice the waves. Their shape […]

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We are who we spend time with

30 Apr 2021

Even though many of us may have spent the last year feeling separate from others, this observation still rings true. It’s the people we choose to be around. Those who influence the way we see the world as we are immersed in their vision of how things are. And those with whom we share the […]

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Liminal space and rites of passage

29 Apr 2021

This is a liminal space, where we recognise the unknown and still choose to be there. Because liminal space is both abandonment (of control) and intentionality (for purpose). We need to let it do its work in us because we need to cross the threshold into a different place. And this is the only way. […]

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What colour is waiting?

28 Apr 2021

What colour is the question you are holding in your hand? Lifting to the light in this liminal time. Hoping the last rays of sun will catch your intent before sinking behind the hill. What colour is waiting?

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What is your question?

27 Apr 2021

No, honestly – what is your question? I’m not asking because you’ve got it wrong. Or you are stupid. You’re not. But I do want to know what is the question you carry with you. That unsettling perhaps, or that doubt that can’t entirely be subdued. Or that possibility that is threatening to burst in […]

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