Where is beauty?

04 May 2019
where is beauty

Where is beauty? It’s a rewarding question that is worthy of our being. We can be more intentional in giving our attention. Pause. Breathe. Look. Smile.

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Taking delight…

03 May 2019
taking delight

Did you know, it only requires a moment to take delight in observing? Just a moment to notice. A brief pause to let your attention alight on something or someone you would otherwise just pass by. This morning when I opened the curtains the view across the valley was magnificent. We had a temperature inversion, […]

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People are wonderful!

02 May 2019
People are wonderful

Have you noticed how extraordinary people are? And so different. In fact, from our distinguishing fingerprints, through to our individual identities: we are unique. There is no one else like you… or your best friend, your neighbour, or the person you walk past in the street. As Neil Gaiman so eloquently puts it: “The one […]

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Awakening wonder

01 May 2019
awakening wonder

In most of our daily lives, we’re on autopilot. That’s not such a bad thing. We simply wouldn’t have the energy or time to think through every single thing we do or say. But it does mean our days can pass in a haze. Just doing. Not noticing. So how can we awaken wonder?

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Fresh thinking…

30 Apr 2019
fresh thinking

…is like a plant. It doesn’t grow to order but flourishes when you give it the right conditions. And when the sun comes out, it spurts…  

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What is art?

29 Apr 2019
what is art

I suspect the answer would be hugely varied depending on who I ask… So why is the question even important? I wonder if art is what we bring to the world through our creativity and imagination. An expression of the essence of us, that reveals more than just our normal being and doing. It is […]

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