No way back…

10 Jul 2021

There’s a path in the woods where the dog and I used to walk every day. I haven’t been there as often since she died a month ago. And now the path is overgrown with bramble and bracken. In some places, I can’t even find the track again. This is a visceral reminder for me […]

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We aren’t left hanging…

09 Jul 2021

For those times when we gather up all our courage and wonder if it is enough to take the BIG step: We aren’t left hanging,it only feels that way.Lift your footover the lineand step… You only get there onceyour other foot hasleft the groundwhere youwere standing. Or in the words of William Hutchinson Murray: Until […]

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Big steps, little steps

08 Jul 2021

For most of us, most of the time, the means to overcome the inertia that keeps us where we are is to take small steps. Often, the tiniest of steps will do to get us moving. However, there are also times, perhaps only once in every season of our life, when small steps aren’t sufficient. […]

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What stops us from moving?

07 Jul 2021

So what stops us from moving forward? We often think it is fear or not enough discipline and willpower. Or perfectionism – we don’t want to fail. Perhaps it’s not knowing enough or being unclear about where we are going. Yes, all of these and more are contributors. And each of us will have our […]

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Disturbing the present

06 Jul 2021

What disturbs you? Does it disturb you enough to do something about it? And how far would you go? These are uncomfortable words, and they often drive us in one direction. More. Louder. Faster. Yet disturbing the present may require turning off the noise, quietening the constant chatter in our heads, and being still enough […]

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Stop wasting today waiting for tomorrow

05 Jul 2021

I can easily feel hemmed in, constrained by things I can’t change. These aren’t unreal figments of my imagination. Neither are yours. Yet, it is so easy to drift. And in the process to be only half present. In the words of the social reformer, Catherine Booth: To better the future, we must disturb the […]

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