Intentionally slowing down the conversation

21 May 2022

Slow down. Why on earth would we do that? I hear our cultural voice exclaim as it defends the relentless pressure for speed, productivity and efficiency. Have we somehow swallowed the idea that fast is always best? And that if something is taking too long, then it’s either weak and inferior, or it simply isn’t […]

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Compassionate seeing from the edge

20 May 2022

Showing someone that you see them is the greatest gift you can give. This powerful quote is from Digby Scott, a wise and insightful change-maker from New Zealand. I look forward to his weekly musings, knowing they will refresh and stimulate me and remind me of our humanity. The story behind this phrase is delightful. […]

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Being inspired by a daisy

19 May 2022

It was only as I stooped to really look that I saw the colour. Did you know that some daisies have this beautiful pink blush? I didn’t… DAISY If you want your mind to shrink,if you want reality to shriveluntil it’s little more than a wrinkled bagthen revere nothing,dwell only in the inorganicand mechanical,never bow […]

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Naming on the path to wholeness

18 May 2022

Our longings are for what is out of reach. And our yearning is only in absence, not in fullness. Yet naming is a courageous act of vulnerability. It’s a vital first step of embodiment, a means of making real what we need. So I wonder what we might need to name in becoming whole?

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Speaking from my inner being

17 May 2022

I am looking for someone else to give me words. Words that will say the right thing, in the right tone, to speak with courage and compassion. Yet all I have are inner sighs. And that is enough for today.

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Don’t be distracted by the noise

16 May 2022

To hear a whisper, we have to be very quiet. And to see intimately, we need to be still and right up close. And probably at ground level. We can’t do either if we are rushing around trying to save the world (or ourselves). And to be honest, our success rate isn’t very high. Perhaps […]

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