Being present together

17 Jul 2021

Why fill up the space?Let’s breathe together instead… If we sit together, especially in companionable silence, our breathing tends to synchronise over time. Interesting, isn’t it? The research suggests this isn’t the result of intention, merely of proximity and the absence of words we use to occupy the gap. I wonder if this has wider […]

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Honouring the space between us

16 Jul 2021

The pandemic has brought a new awareness of the space between us. The distance we stand apart. Yet, it has also underlined the connection between us as people. What we share, whether we can see it or not. In particular, it is the sense of belonging, of not being whole on our own, which is […]

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The light is waiting for you

15 Jul 2021

I love how conversations are emerging, like bulbs long buried in the woodland floor when the sunlight penetrates the canopy. People are exploring who they are and what they believe about the world with others out in the open. For those of us who have given up trying to be clever – we aren’t – […]

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Wait for the light

14 Jul 2021

Sometimes we simply have to wait for the light. Crossing the threshold in darkness, our eyes need to readjust. To see what is around us in its full possibility, we need a different kind of light. Whatever you need to see just now, be gentle with your eyes. Don’t strain. Wait for the light.

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We are not singular

13 Jul 2021

My identity is unique, yet I am not singular. I do not exist on my own, even if, at times, I feel alone. Even what we call ourselves has reference to people and places beyond our bodies. We all need to be seen and heard. And our privilege is to do this for one another.

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It’s our choice: certainty or possibility?

12 Jul 2021

Standing on a threshold, the only thing that is certain is our knowledge of the past. And even that is suspect. Possibility, on the other hand, is wide open. We can’t have both.

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