The Infinite Game

17 Jul 2019
the infinite game

Months ago I heard an interview with Simon Sinek – the Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last guy. I find him inspiring and challenging. Not in an aggressive in-your-face way, but he just digs deeper. Much deeper… Anyway, I was intrigued by his forthcoming book The Infinite Game and what he said at the […]

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What’s the (real) problem?

16 Jul 2019
what is the problem

I love that as thoughtful changemakers we don’t just say that something is wrong. Or it could be better… We have the opportunity to exercise disruption by creatively doing something to solve the problem. And because we’re looking for real change, then we dig deeper, with openness and curiosity to understand why the problem exists. […]

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15 Jul 2019

We can’t expect to break through ‘out there’ if our inner boundaries are still intact. What am I holding onto that is limiting my flow? Just wondering is a good place to start… #becomethechange  

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Become the change you want to see

14 Jul 2019
become the change

Three things that help us become the change we want to see: find your friends, uncover your voice, and find a good space to thrive. Enjoy.

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Unique you

12 Jul 2019
unique you

Whilst we share DNA, our individual genetic footprint is unique. There is no one else like you. Your ‘you-ness’ is extraordinary. That’s because ‘you’ are not just the sum of your body parts. You are also the totality of your life experiences. Every person, thought or thing that you have ever encountered or been exposed […]

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Our ‘DNA-ness’

11 Jul 2019
our dna-ness

No, you’ve probably not heard of this either… It was how a Welsh-speaking friend summed up what she was seeing when a lovely group gathered here last night to support us in the development of our work and life in our valley in South West Wales. Friends are amazing. And those who come with sight […]

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