We are all a work in progress

17 Oct 2020

Nothing is static. We are all a work in progress. The issue is whether we recognise it and look with graceful eyes.

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Where are our boundaries?

16 Oct 2020

Thinking about it – if we don’t have boundaries, then we have no identity. And do we really want to seep everywhere, like a random puddle of water finding its way earthwards? By nature, I am not fond of boundaries. I push against them and worry that they are selfish. But I need them. Perhaps […]

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What is our essence?

15 Oct 2020

Not what do we want to be? Nor where are the gaps that need filling? Instead, what is at the core of who we are? The intrinsic us. No more. No less. Our gifts and abilities. Our character and values that leak out when we’re not looking. All the experiences that have shaped us to […]

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Celebrating the youness of you

14 Oct 2020

In this somewhat dismal time, a good friend shared one of Gideon Heugh’s poems with me. It cut through the enclosing greyness with a shaft of glorious light that fed my soul. And I didn’t want to keep it to myself. You You are a wild and gleeful thing,nudged by lavish gracetowards all the astonishments,and […]

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Seeing what we expect to see

13 Oct 2020

This is a holly leaf, in damp Welsh morning light. We have a few holly trees in a variety of places in the valley. I have become used to them being here. And then one day I looked up and realised there were lots of them. How did that happen? Instead of seeing what was […]

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There are moments when change arrives

12 Oct 2020

Change There are momentsWhen change arrivesUnseen,Startling in its reach,UnsettlingIn the questioning of certainties,Old ground, once trusted,Shifts,The familiar in free-fall. Hold meThrough the unsettled,The unresolved,The letting go of yesterday. Give me courageTo be at peaceIn this not-yet place.Allow my heart to still. Let time shape my becomingUnhindered by a need to know,The unfolding of tomorrowFree of […]

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