Thank you for today

13 Feb 2019

At the close of each evening I write a short gratitude journal. Just noting the blessings of the day. From today I also want to start from the other end. Giving thanks for the day ahead. Naming the people, activities and opportunities to come, appreciating where I am, and the milestones that this day represents. […]

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12 Feb 2019

‘If’ is one of those simple, pivotal words. Depending on what you put either side radically affects where you land. What if… opens up our thinking to creative possibilities. We start to see beyond our boundaries and generate the emotional and cognitive energy for exploration. If only… shuts us down. This is victim talk. Someone […]

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Facing the gap

11 Feb 2019
facing the gap

When we’re moving forward, we often face a gap of some kind. Resources, confidence, capacity, relationships, knowing… And each of these comes with fear attached. It would be easier to simply imagine ourselves beyond ‘here’. Or to find comfort in distractions, which however worthy are still distractions. So what do we do? We face our […]

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It’s time to put on our shoes…

09 Feb 2019
it's time to put on our shoes

There comes a time when we need to take the next step, otherwise our aspiration to make a difference remains a dream. We need to put on our shoes and walk.

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Start within

08 Feb 2019
start within

The answer is within. Waiting to blossom out.

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Putting on…

07 Feb 2019
putting on

Or more properly, cultivating from within… Over the last few days, I’ve been so aware of what we need to let go of in order to move forward. What would stop us from healthily stepping out of our comfort zone. However, I’d lost sight of what we also need to bring with us. And more […]

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