Great endings…

10 May 2019

Not all endings are disaster-laden. Most often they are a natural progression of life and living. The cycle that happens because we are alive. And because we are people, together. What endings are you celebrating today?

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What’s the glue?

09 May 2019

As a kid, I remember the excitement when Superglue was first available on the domestic market. Instead of carefully mixing together noxious substances to create a secure bond, here was a miracle dab from a small tube. It could fix things previously unfixable. And bond very different things together. Instantly. Permanently. However, in the hands […]

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Destination or direction?

08 May 2019
destination or direction

One of the questions in the Adobe Create Creative Types quiz – see Monday’s post – asks for your preference when completing the sentence: “When travelling, you always need a destination OR direction?” Isn’t that an interesting question? Had you even thought about it before? It’s actually quite a profound insight because it gives a […]

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A good day…

07 May 2019
a good day

Over the weekend I had the privilege* of listening to Krista Tippett’s On Being interview with Atul Gawande. I have been aware of Atul’s pioneering work as a physician for some time and know that he thinks deeply and connects profoundly with people. He is also amazingly focused. Extraordinarily so, given that he is something […]

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Celebrating your creativity

06 May 2019
celebrating your creativity

Today in the UK it is a bank holiday. A public holiday that celebrates May Day. If you really want to see creativity in action, take a look at some of our ancient customs. Like dancing around the May Pole or Morris Men. …on the other hand, perhaps not… However, today is a fun day […]

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Where is beauty?

04 May 2019
where is beauty

Where is beauty? It’s a rewarding question that is worthy of our being. We can be more intentional in giving our attention. Pause. Breathe. Look. Smile.

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