What have we stopped seeing?

22 Oct 2018

Have you noticed that when you see something that needs attention and then don’t do anything – you cease to see it after a while? Our brains are amazing at creating wallpaper. The stuff that’s just there. It ceases to hold our gaze or demand attention. Like the picture on your phone or the details […]

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It started with a pencil

20 Oct 2018
it started with a pencil

For me, it all started with buying a lovely mechanical pencil in the Royal Arcade in Cardiff last year. At the time it was a huge treat and a promise. I love well designed, beautiful pencils with high quality lead. Indeed, my life could be told in the stories of my pencils. There was the […]

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Creating more creative space

19 Oct 2018
creating more creative space

Outside = our environment. Inside = our inner space. Both matter and both require small intentional steps. Cultivating small habits that open up our space to think creatively. Generously and beautifully.

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And the answer is…?

18 Oct 2018
and the answer is

We’ve grown up in a world that says if you get the answer right you get a prize. So if we don’t find the answer we’re obviously not trying hard enough. Or we’re not smart enough. Or we don’t know the system (or the powerful people) well enough. The problem is that whilst some questions […]

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So who are the Quiet Disruptors?

17 Oct 2018
so who are the quiet disruptors

So who are the new quiet disruptors? Great question – there’s the easy answer, and the easy answer… The first easy answer is it’s those who think they are. Who are relieved that at last, they have permission to be fully themselves and make the kind of change they were created for. This speaks to […]

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What’s the real value?

16 Oct 2018
whats the real value

I can often get distracted by what I haven’t got, what I can’t do. Things I think will stop me making the difference I want to see. But the reality is that when I look around at the people who are making the greatest long-term impact, they aren’t those with the most. Yes, ‘most’ can […]

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