Disrupt the disruptors!

23 Sep 2018
disrupt the disruptors

Why is it so important that we, as Quiet Disruptors, are also disrupted? Three healthy reasons to ponder. Plus posts of the week.

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… with gratitude

21 Sep 2018
with gratitude

So how shall we live? It’s a big question – one of the biggest – along with how shall we love and how shall we die. But we can’t answer it in one go. It’s a question for a lifetime of asking. Though we can set our compass and choose the kind of walk we […]

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So how shall we live?

20 Sep 2018
so how shall we live

Most of us count our hours, days and weeks by what we do. Focussing on our productivity. Ticking off our ever growing list as we go. I wonder if that’s just the reverse side of life. The threads that are caught on the underside of the carpet. What if we had a sense of what […]

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Getting used to being surprised

19 Sep 2018
getting used to being surprised

We see what we’re looking for. If we fall asleep to noticing, to being surprised, then nothing changes. If we’re not looking for the light switch, we’ll never turn the light on.

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Stop trying so hard

18 Sep 2018
stop trying so hard

When we’re on the quieter end of the spectrum we sometimes feel we have to make up for it by being more clever. Or more witty, beautiful, wise, calm, creative… choose your word. But when we’re pushing ourselves to try harder and make our mark we’re in danger of disconnecting from who we are. Or […]

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Untangling the problem

17 Sep 2018
untangling the problem

Sometimes when we see a difficult problem it just looks like a tangled mess. Like ivy covering a tree, we can’t see what’s really there. In our frustration, we can give up or do something drastic. Like cutting down the tree, or walking away from an important issue. But if we step back and instead […]

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