… and smile

13 Mar 2019

The contemplative writer and broadcaster Brian Draper devised a delightful soulfulness practice, which I use personally and sometimes when working with leaders and teams. Stop. Relax. Breathe…and smile. It’s astonishing what adding that ‘smile’ on the end does. Smiling lifts us, shifting our gaze. It releases both neuropeptides and neurotransmitters – including dopamine, endorphins and […]

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Your voice

12 Mar 2019
your voice

Do you know what you sound like? …I suspect that question triggered an emotional response: either smile or discomfort. And the likelihood is it’s the latter. Join the club. That’s most of us. We rarely like the sound of our own voice. But here’s the thing. We don’t really hear ourselves, as our filters get […]

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One voice?

11 Mar 2019

One voice! That sounds like a really sensible rallying cry. Yes, we need to be clear about what we stand for and what motivates us to speak. But just one voice? Actually, we have many voices, depending on who we are speaking with and why. We are not monotone and our vocabulary shifts, expressing everything […]

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“I have a dream…”

09 Mar 2019
I have a dream

We all know Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream…“ But where did it come from and why did it have such an impact? And what about our dreams?

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Space for our imagination

08 Mar 2019
space for our imagination

To dream is not simply to find an answer. It’s not a technical solution to a problem. It’s an emerging story. The creative chemistry between what’s in our hearts and how we imagine our world could be. Growing over time. So the space we clear inside is like a garden for our imagination. What an […]

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Clearing out the clutter

07 Mar 2019
clearing out the clutter

Where do dreams come from? We know that dreams whilst we’re asleep are often making sense of what’s swirling around us during the day. But daytime dreams? The dreams that get hold of us and enable us to clear a path of change and transformation? My sense is that they come from within, sometimes deep […]

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