Generous space?

26 Nov 2018
generous space

If you could create more generous space for you and for others, what would it look like? At the start of the week, this is an interesting question… Where we think we are has a huge impact on how we feel about it. And how we feel affects what we tell ourselves about what we […]

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What do we have time for?

24 Nov 2018

We rarely stop to ask ourselves what we have time for. We assume we don’t have time to ask or it’s not worth asking. Both diminish our sense of meaning.

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Who are we here for?

23 Nov 2018
who are we here for

If I am here for me and mine, then I stand in a narrow place. I might feel secure and know the borders. I can measure out the capacity of my day and have enough left. But if I am here for you, and for others I encounter along the way, then I stand in […]

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Thanksgiving + Hope + Grace

22 Nov 2018
thanksgiving hope grace

Thanksgiving – unlocking gratitude and appreciation Hope – not for, but in Grace – generosity of spirit from, to and through Thank you for who you are uniquely, and what you bring into the world. May your heart be full of compassion and generosity as you know you are loved and appreciated. And may you […]

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Our reality is being shaped

21 Nov 2018

Being part of a bigger story, their story, doesn’t require us to be a chameleon. In fact, far from it. If we stop being who we are, blending in seamlessly and relinquishing our identity, then our capacity to enrich is seriously compromised. Instead, this is a walk of humble generosity as we learn to be […]

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Our role in a bigger story?

20 Nov 2018
our role in a bigger story

I wonder whose story we are part of. In our dominant western culture, we do tend to think in terms of our individual lives. What’s the story we tell ourselves and others about who we are and what we’re about. But actually, even then we are part of a bigger relational narrative. What we do […]

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