Creating generous space

28 Oct 2018
creating generous space

Metaphors or images that represent an idea are marvellous. They fire up our imagination without the clumsiness of words sometimes encountered when trying to describe something conceptual or novel. So I wonder what metaphor comes to mind for you when you hear the phrase Quiet Disruptors? During the week I’ve asked this question of several […]

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Who are the difference-makers?

26 Oct 2018
wo are the difference makers

We all are, actually. Each one of us makes an imprint on the world around us. Simply by being here. The question is, what kind of difference do we want to make? The answer stems from knowing what’s really important to us. Because this shapes our attention and motivation, releasing courage to stand in the […]

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Bread lessons…

25 Oct 2018
bread lessons

Sourdough bread is simply amazing. Its taste and texture are distinctively different from standard, fast proven loaves. It’s also amazing in that its active ingredients are essentially from wild yeast and bacteria in the atmosphere, working with just flour and water. Almost magic. But it takes time, allowing the natural yeast to infuse the dough […]

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A life well lived

24 Oct 2018
psalm 23 eugene peterson

If I may, I’d like to pause and appreciate the life and work of Eugene Peterson, who died yesterday. Poet, writer, pastor and theologian, he probably isn’t a household name. But to millions of Christians around the world his translation of the Scriptures – The Message – has brought their faith alive. He has always been […]

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Standing where it’s uncomfortable

23 Oct 2018
standing where its uncomfortable

Sometimes we find ourselves in an uncomfortable place. Where we’d rather walk away and protect ourselves from the emotions and mental turmoil it stirs up. And sometimes walking away is the right thing to do just now. Because we’re not able to see things clearly enough to make wise decisions about how to constructively disrupt […]

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What have we stopped seeing?

22 Oct 2018

Have you noticed that when you see something that needs attention and then don’t do anything – you cease to see it after a while? Our brains are amazing at creating wallpaper. The stuff that’s just there. It ceases to hold our gaze or demand attention. Like the picture on your phone or the details […]

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