Beyond words

05 Jul 2019
beyond words

Finding our voice is much more than the words we speak. Our very presence expresses who we are as thoughtful changemakers. How we listen says what we value. What we do, and how we do it, is as powerful as any words we utter. And our creativity and curiosity open new worlds and fresh solutions […]

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A new voice?

04 Jul 2019
a new voice

Sometimes in finding and using our voice, we need to recognise that it’s not more of the same. Even for us. A way of being, a means of making a difference may have served us well. But maybe it’s a new season. Perhaps it’s time to try out a variation, a different way of expressing […]

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Perfection is overrated…

03 Jul 2019
perfection is over rated

Not in technical things like heart valve replacements, aircraft or a properly fitting tap… … but in the things we craft or create. Or how we are in the world. Which draws you more: perfection or authenticity? Even the Mona Lisa has a slightly crooked smile.  

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We delight in you…

02 Jul 2019
we delight in you

Just now you’re probably reading this on your own… But do you know that we delight in you? For starters, I delight in you. The fact that you’re reading this brings me great joy. And there are others. Many others. You probably don’t even realise how many lives you touch. In fact, you probably don’t […]

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Gathering at the edge

01 Jul 2019
gathering at the edge

There is safety in numbers. It’s usually called anonymity. If we want to feel secure and certain, then joining a mass movement can give us a comfort blanket. But I suspect that thoughtful changemakers will always be a minority. Those who see things differently and are prepared to do something about it in a different […]

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Finding your tone

29 Jun 2019
finding your tone

If we want to be heard, we need to cultivate how we sound. Five practical dimensions in finding your tone – your authentic, empathetic and connected voice.

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