Asking again…

18 Nov 2018
asking again

Asking again… There’s so much we need to re-learn if we’re really going to make a difference, including unblocking asking ourselves questions. But it’s worth it.

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The power of asking…

16 Nov 2018
the power of asking

Why do we find it so difficult to ask? Whether this is asking for help, for someone to do something for us, for information or advice. Or to be listened to, and be taken seriously (or not so seriously). We struggle. Or at least I struggle. But isn’t this so stupid! What it actually says […]

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It takes real courage

15 Nov 2018
it takes real courage

It takes courage to leap across a chasm, or reach out in the dark. It takes more than we think we have, to stretch out beyond our boundaries. To do things that are uncomfortable, that we might not feel sufficiently confident to attempt. Or requires us to relinquish control. We could fail… So why do […]

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Be bold!

14 Nov 2018
be bold

Bold has two slightly different meanings depending on whether it’s applied to a person or to an object. This is really interesting because I wonder if we tend to confuse the two. An object displays boldness on the outside – having a strong, vivid or clear appearance. And conjures up the idea of being striking, […]

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Questioning curiosity

13 Nov 2018
questioning curiosity

Why do we delight in the curiosity of children, at least most of the time, whilst disparaging it in adults? Do we think it’s somehow immature to wonder and ask questions? Or disrespectful? But of whom? Our comfort blanket of ‘knowing’ can be insidious. We aren’t even aware of it until we stop to ask […]

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More heart

12 Nov 2018
more heart

This weekend has been overshadowed by deep sadness and profound gratitude as we’ve reflected on those who have sacrificed so much in an attempt to bring world peace. And I’m challenged today to create time to push deeper into the things that are in my heart. To understand what it is calling me to be […]

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