Month: August 2022


On seeing from the other way

Yesterday I did the alpaca rounds in reverse, and in the afternoon rather than the morning. Cast in another light and from the opposite direction, the green paths appeared so different And I wondered what else might change if we came to it from the other way around. For example, our stories of challenge, hardship …

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How does hope move us?

I want to ask this question because I don’t want to be stuck. Stuck in waiting for optimism to strike, which it won’t (even if it did, it would probably be short-lived). Or simply waiting for someone else to take the initiative. And righting the wrong they or others have created (which is probably abdication …

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The solace of self-deficiency

Recognising we need travelling companions doesn’t automatically lead us to a ‘less-than’ perspective of ourselves. Here are Gideon Heugh’s insights, with a glorious mixture of creative prose and poetic wisdom: Embracing your self-deficiency ‘Sometimes you can’t make it on your own’. Bono had it right, apart from for that first bit. There’s no ‘sometimes’ about …

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