Month: July 2022


In the circle of life

Whenever I start a story, there’s always a ‘before’. Before this time, this event, there was. And living here in this little valley in South West Wales, we are immersed in the endless circle of life. At the same time, recognising that we are just here for a metaphorical season. Here time is more circular …

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When time stops

Many have experienced when time, or our connection with time, has stopped. Maybe when we are so engrossed in an activity, we completely lose our sense of time passing. Or when something dramatic happens and at that moment, time seems to stand still. One of my most visceral experiences was when my watch stopped as …

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On choosing to be present

Pausing with a beautiful mid-week gem from Gideon Heugh: THE EVER–NOW Why is it always awake and away?Why not make only here?Why not stayand bless the ever-nowby our ever lingering in it(which is impossible, which isthe utter necessitythe singular aliveso often and increasingly avoided)?And after all this why,where is it anywaythat you think you are …

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For a beautiful open sky

I wonder… What do you see when you stop looking for the answer? When you release your assumptions of how things are or should be. I hope you wonder too…


Today, this one-of-a-kind day

This dayI rise andchoose to bepresent. Not carryingmy yesterdaysor tomorrows. Instead,noticing theone-of-a-kind giftsof today,with gratitudeand grace.

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