April 2022


Looking up, what do we see?

Standing at the mouth of the Victorian tunnel in the hillside, I observe a beautiful tapestry. Colours and textures intertwined in a way I wouldn’t usually see. Yet how often do we look up? I mean, stop and gaze with curiosity rather than assume we know what’s there. However, I suspect we spend much more …

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And yet, who might we become?

Collective becoming only happens when there’s a collective connection. And there’s a myriad of obstacles that could stop us. Our own sense of self and boundaries. What we have hidden inside and are uncomfortable about bringing into the light. Who we think ‘the other’ to be. Yet, there’s a collective sigh in all of this—a …

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The surprising gift of sadness

Did you know that holding sadness enables us to feel another’s pain? It’s called compassion. Because without compassion, our threads of connection are weak indeed. And therefore, we also lose out on joy. What a stunning cycle. Hidden in plain sight in a world that only wants to hear individual positivity. ~ Susan Cain’s new …

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