Month: March 2022


Seeing beauty in the shadows

David Hockney’s current exploration of the use of shadow in art is fascinating. His thesis is that in contrast with Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Persian art, European art employs shadows because of photography. So as I walked around the valley in the early morning sunlight, I tried to imagine a world without shadows. And realised …

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Beauty in the dark places

Is there beauty in dark places? In the worn-out, torn down recesses where truth has been trampled? Perhaps it depends on what we think we are looking for and which eyes we are using. Because hidden inside is always life, and life is magnificent. Beauty likes neglected places … In its real sense, beauty is …

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Now I become myself

This week, death has nudged a little closer: the devastating war, the shameful famine, the choaking of the earth and the passing of time. And for some, it is closer to home. In the face of this, we have a range of choices. From closing the door and hoping it doesn’t come any nearer, to …

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Listening to life

On pondering a life well lived this week, I finally purchased Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak. A beautiful little book that has been on my wish list for years. And I am so glad I did. Here is the opening poem from William Stafford: ASK ME Some time when the river is ice ask …

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