The rhythm of the journey


There is something about the rhythm of the journey, the shape it takes and makes of us. Will we yield or fight? Or simply ignore, in the pursuit of the destination.

A Blessing for Overflowing Hope


I suspect that many of us are dancing with hope differently. What we had thought was hope is no longer adequate for the place we find ourselves in today. In late 2021 I was invited to write a poem for the Presence Project, a blessing for overflowing hope. It was published yesterday, and you can … Read more

Breathing in and breathing out


We must breathe in if we want to breathe out. Obvious, I know. Yet, in how many areas of our life and work do we somehow forget this basic rhythm? Just wondering. ~ Winter morning sky in the valley

Cherishing the natural rhythms of life


Rhythm is such a natural part of our lives that we cease to notice its ebbs and flows. Our beating heart, the way we walk, the cycle of day and night, and the seasons. If any one of these were to stop in mid beat, we’d be in trouble. Yet, we often assume we can … Read more

What do you think about balance?


Most of us know what it’s like to be out of balance. We feel vulnerable because we might fall over – in whatever way that might manifest in the circumstances. And our sense of control or personal agency is diminished. Therefore, our automatic reaction is to do whatever it takes to restore our balance because … Read more

Let’s join the glorious dance of ‘becoming’!


We are always ‘becoming’ because the only thing that could be called a finished product is inanimate. So for us human-beings-in-the-making, it will always be a dance. The pull of intention and the push of actions. Our desire to become needs feeding. The intention is strengthened as we own and cultivate the yearning, seeing the … Read more