Inviting ourselves takes practice…


It was a comment in passing in an exchange with a friend: Inviting ourselves takes practice… Yet, in that moment, I wondered if we were stumbling on a greater truth. We are so used to being invited, waiting for someone else to recognise who we are and what we have to offer. So why don’t … Read more

Possibilities – what can you see beyond the tunnel?


I think I’d be surprised if anyone reading this hasn’t been in some form of tunnel at some point over the last two years. Indeed, I suspect that this may be a present continuous experience for some. It’s difficult to imagine possibilities when you’re just concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other … Read more

An invitation to being wide open


After days of being closed in, the clouds disappeared, and for a while, we had an open blue sky. Crisp and clear. The kind you only get in winter. And the sunbeam that caught my lens reminded me that we only see the blue because sunlight refracts across the atmosphere. Wide open. How can we … Read more

Free, and yet not alone


None of us can produce good fruit on our own. Even when we’ve let go of the identities and ideas, the things and the memories that have previously defined us, we are still not alone. Every creative idea, each insight, whatever is healthy and lovely, is the product of some form of germination. And has … Read more

A time to mourn…


Many people, me included, were particularly struck by the last paragraph of Stephen St Amant’s blog – Filling the jar – that I quoted yesterday: Mourning the loss of all that we will never do is perhaps painful, but it’s necessary. If we don’t contend with that loss, it will continually get in the way … Read more

What we need to hear on time


Assumptions are not proven reality. They are what we tell ourselves to make sense of our world or to take action. And usually, they are helpful. Until they’re not. Enjoy this beautifully written piece from my friend Stephen St. Amant, from his Savenwood Blog. FILLING THE JAR Maybe you’ve heard the widely-shared parable about the … Read more