November 2021


On seeing a rainbow

On Friday, there was a beautiful rainbow over the valley. A double rainbow, there for a moment, just as we looked out. There are times when we need to see something that reminds us of hope and promises.


Standing, but not alone

In the woodsI stand,by a treewhosecompanionshiphas grown.I stand,yet,I am notalone. ~ I am part of a conversation later this week entitled ‘Is there any intent in nature?’ This poem expresses a little of my appreciation of nature.


Being still in the middle

It’s hard to be still when everything around you is in flux. Yet, standing and choosing to be present is the safest place to be. What do you need courage for right now?


Time to be present

The first deep frost of the year is clinging to leaf and stalk around the lake. It’s only here until the sun touches its beautiful crystals. A moment, passing in time. Yet, where else could we be but here, now? Because anywhere else is an illusion. It’s time to be present.

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